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Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Construction technology for next-level building

Construction employees surveying site as part of Virtual Design and Construction capabilities

VDC tools to transform and optimize

Schedule delays. Cost overruns. Rework. To avoid the most common construction pitfalls, owners and facilities managers need a construction partner who uses industry-leading Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) tools. VDC technology offers a wide range of benefits. From better communication to improved planning and estimating for budget and schedule efficiency, VDC helps solve potential issues before they happen.

Constructable. Coordinated. Scheduled. That’s the power of VDC.

How you build your vision matters. At , experience has taught us communication and collaboration are critical to project success. It’s why we integrate the right people with the right technology. Our VDC expertise helps manage team operations and work processes, creating models that minimize waste, anticipate conflicts and validate installations. That’s a win for owners, trade partners and projects overall.

virtual design and construction: detailed color-coded rendering of building's infrastructure

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Construction

Building Information Modeling (BIM) lets contractors, owners and other stakeholders visualize the building long before a single shovel hits the dirt. Virtual modeling combines and constructs 3D models from multiple trade partner sources to improve clarity, communication and cost predictability. On-screen identification of issues, to avoid expensive issues later in the field. Quantity take-offs, for more accurate estimates. Models available to owners at the end of construction for future planning and facilities management.

Reality Capture Laser Scanning

Accuracy is everything. Reality Capture delivers incredible detail, preventing costly rework down the line. Using a point cloud, captures a detailed map of existing space before a project. Then, remotely and automatically, validates installations match designs throughout the construction process. From civil and geo-engineering information to historic renovation projects where original documents are not available, laser scanning provides highly detailed as-built information throughout construction, creating exceptional documentation for owners at project completion.

virtual design and construction: laser scan of pipe network in building
virtual design and construction: view of interactive model for facility


Building Information Modeling becomes an even more powerful tool when paired with scheduling and project financial performance. uses 4D scheduling to help deliver projects on time and on budget, aligning 3D BIM models with a timeline all trade partners can reference. Adding 5D tracks completed work against projected work and aligns cost estimates with actual costs.

Virtual Reality Construction

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) create detailed virtual models of your project—and then go one step further, placing the user directly inside the digital environment. This gives owners and trade partners the opportunity to conduct design reviews through a fully immersive experience in the virtual space. The virtual environment helps teams experience projects, long before they are built in the physical world.

virtual design and construction: a digital rendering of Amcor building
virtual design and construction: 3D rendering of traffic flow into parking structure

Site Logistics Planning

Virtual Design and Construction technologies—BIM modeling and 4D scheduling—take site logistics planning to the next level. Visually communicating workflows. Coordinating the timing of craft and trades people. Anticipating materials movement and bottlenecks, while reducing risks. By embracing technology as a cornerstone of the site logistics planning process, can build more efficient, safer jobsites.

Virtual design and construction for better planning, communication and construction

Virtual Design and Construction deliver a single source of truth for project planning or problem-solving. Centralizing workflows, for accuracy and efficiency. Visualizing work phases for clearer communication. Identifying potential conflicts to help reduce risk. Scheduling more seamlessly. Putting the right information into the hands of the right teams at the right time. From benchmarking against the industry to using international ISO standard 19650 to drive innovation, finds innovative applications for technology to deliver the extraordinary. Learn More

Build boldly with cutting-edge construction technology

See what’s possible when the right people meet the right technology, from a Virtual Design and Construction partner who brings the expertise you need to build boldly.

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BIM and VDC expertise, preconstruction through completion

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Experience combining technologies for clearer insights

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Integration with self-performing construction capabilities

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Supporting lean construction methodology

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Advanced project management tools

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