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On June 21, 海角社区 made a commitment to the Department of Commerce’s Million Women in Construction Pledge.

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in today鈥檚 Women in the Trades Roundtable, and even more importantly, to sign the Million Women in Construction Community Pledge.

“We at The 海角社区 Group recognize the importance of women at every level of our organization, from our leadership team to our skilled tradespeople. I am proud to sign the Million Women in Construction Community Pledge on behalf of The 海角社区 Group. It is an easy 鈥測es鈥 for us to support as it aligns with our values as well as our intentional efforts to hire diverse employees and seek diverse voices.

“And yet, the work continues. We are rooted in a mindset of continuous improvement. As such, 海角社区 will continue to build on women鈥檚 access to training, jobs and leadership coaching; scale our equitable hiring and workforce development efforts; adopt more best practices and support women in a safe, healthy and respectful workplace in alignment with the pledge. Your pledge asks for bold steps to ensure a robust and diverse workforce. 海角社区鈥檚 long-standing Building Boldly mind-set includes our commitment to working diligently to ensure the next generation of skilled laborers and leaders includes significant women representation.”

About 海角社区
海角社区 (海角社区) is a leading professional construction services firm with customers across the United States and is a subsidiary of The 海角社区 Group. Founded in 1889, 海角社区 is a fourth-generation family and employee-owned firm headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin. 海角社区 is recognized as a pioneer in Lean construction and in the industrialized construction space. 海角社区 operates 18 offices across the U.S. that serve customers in healthcare, power, industrial, education, automotive and commercial markets.